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Streeton Lawyers has extensive experience helping clients facing charges of sexual assault. If you are under investigation for an allegation of sexual assault, you should seek immediate legal advice.

Sexual touching is an offence under section 61KC of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). The maximum penalty is imprisonment for five years.

Aggravated sexual assault is sexual intercourse with another person without their consent, knowing that they have not consented and in circumstances of aggravation.

A person aged 18 years or more who intentionally meets a child, or travels with the intention to meet a child, that the person has groomed for sexual purposes and, who does so with the intention of procuring the child for unlawful sexual activity with themself or another person.

Unlawful sexual activity means an act that constitutes a range of offences against the laws of New South Wales relating to grooming children, sexual assault, sexual servitude, child prostitution and child abuse

This offence is regarded as among the most serious offences. Upon conviction a full-time custodial sentence is highly likely.

Assault with intent to have sexual intercourse is, with the intention to have sexual intercourse with another person, intentionally or recklessly inflicting actual bodily harm on that person or a third person or threatening to inflict actual bodily harm on the other person or a third person by means of an offensive weapon.

Offences involving child pornography may be either State or Federal offences. They are regarded as serious crimes by the Courts and often result in a jail sentence.

Under section 91L of the Crimes Act 1900, filming another person’s private parts to obtain sexual arousal or gratification, in circumstances where the reasonable person would expect the person’s private parts could not be filmed, is an offence. Without consent of person being filmed for that purpose and knowing that the person being filmed does… Read more »

The child protection register operates in conjunction with offender prohibition orders to control and monitor the conduct of persons found to pose a danger to children.

This offence is committed if a person has sexual intercourse with a child aged 16 or 17 years and under their special care. A child is under the special care of the person if they are their step child or the person is their teacher or doctor.

This offence is committed by having sexual intercourse with a child. It carries a standard non-parole period of 15 years.