Drug Court

The Drug Court is a diversionary program for drug-dependent offenders who are facing a likely sentence of imprisonment. Participation in the Drug Court Program is on a voluntary basis, and the whole program takes a minimum of 12 months. Read More

    Forum Sentencing

    Forum Sentencing is a new sentencing option operating at selected NSW Local Courts. It involves bringing together an offender, their victim(s), and other people affected by a crime at a ‘Forum’. Read More


      The law provides that a sentence of gaol is only to be imposed if the court is satisfied that no other penalty is appropriate. Prior to sentencing a person to gaol the court will consider whether there were any alternatives that were appropriate, such as an intensive correction order, suspended gaol sentence or community service. Read More

        MERIT Program

        The Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment Program (MERIT) is a diversionary program based in selected NSW Local Courts. It provides an opportunity for eligible defendants with drug or alcohol problems to work towards rehabilitation as part of the bail process. Read More

          No Conviction – Section 10 and CRO

          Under the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 a court can find a person guilty of an offence, however not record a conviction. There are three sentencing options available in NSW that will result in no conviction being recorded. As a result of these sentencing options, in certain circumstances, a person will not be required to disclose past criminal offences. Read More

            Sentencing Options

            Once a person is found guilty of an offence in NSW, the Court then considers the appropriate sentence. The options available to a court range from not recording a conviction through to sentencing an offender to a period of full-time imprisonment. Read More