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Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Streeton Lawyers are Drink Driving and DUI Specialists and represent people each day charged with drink driving. We offer the experience of Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law (less 1% of all lawyers in NSW are Accredited Criminal Law Specialists)

Drink driving penalties

The penalty you may suffer can range from a fine and 3 months disqualification, to 2 years imprisonment and 5 years disqualification. Read about DRINK DRIVING PENALTIES.

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    Will I lose my licence?

    Whether or not you will lose your licence will depend on whether you are convicted of the offence or receive a section 10. Read more about WHETHER YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LICENCE.

    What if this is my first offence?

    If you have never been in trouble before, that will entitle you to some leniency. However, the courts have consistently said that because most people who commit a drink driving offence have never been in trouble before, it will be given less weight. In other words, there is nothing exceptional about that fact.

    However, if you have no record and also a strong need for a licence plus other factors, the combination of all of those factors may make your case exceptional.

    As with any offence, even after you plead guilty a court can still decide not to record a conviction. This means you will NOT be disqualified.

    Our lawyers represent people each day charged with drink driving related offences. For a free, no obligation consultation, contact one of our lawyers.

    The Traffic Offenders Program

    The Traffic Offenders Program is a program run for people who have committed a serious traffic offence like drink driving. It usually runs for between 6 to 8 weeks and covers topics such as traffic law, dangers of alcohol and driving, lectures from ambulance officers etc.

    People awaiting sentence can complete the program before their sentence. The program then produces a report and that gets sent to the Magistrate before your sentence. It will be taken into account at sentence.

    The Traffic Offenders Program is an excellent program and completing it may have a significant impact at your sentence.