What is a sentence assessment report?

Posted by Justin Wong on 18 October 2018

A sentence assessment report is a report created by a community corrections officer, or a juvenile justice officer, to assist the court when sentencing someone. It is only applicable if the court is considering options other than full-time custody.

When is a sentence assessment report required?

  • If the court is considering imposing an Intensive Corrections Order (ICO);
  • If the court has imposed a sentence of imprisonment and is considering a home detention condition; and
  • Before imposing any community service condition, either under a Community Corrections Order or an Intensive Corrections Order.

For more information on the available sentencing options, see our Sentencing Options page.

What information will be in the report?

  • Your family and social circumstances;
  • Your education and employment;
  • Factors related to the offending, such as mental health, substance use and your financial situation;
  • Your willingness to undertake rehabilitation and supervision; and
  • An assessment of your risk of re-offending, your suitability for community service work and whether you would benefit from supervision.

What sources of information will the community corrections assessor consider?

The assessor will interview you and may contact your family, or someone such as a psychologist or employer, in order to verify information.

The assessor will also consider:

  • The police facts;
  • Your criminal history;
  • Your corrective services records; and
  • Any material you provide to corrective services, such as a psychologist report.

If you have been charged with an offence and a sentence assessment report has been ordered, it is likely that you are facing a serious sentence, and possibly full-time imprisonment. For more information about your sentencing options, please contact us on (02) 9025 9888 or via info@streetonlawyers.com.au.

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