No Conviction for Supply Charges

Posted by janelle.tarabay on 05 May 2017

Yesterday, Zoe received an excellent result for her client, who had been charged with supplying 19 capsules of MDMA. No conviction or criminal record was recorded.

The matter was initially a strictly indictable offence, due to the weight of the drug exceeding 1.25 grams. This meant that the matter would proceed in the District Court.

After reviewing the Brief of Evidence, Zoe was able to successfully negotiate with the Prosecution to keep the matter in the Local Court. This was crucial, as it meant our client was able to retain his right of appeal if the sentence imposed was too harsh or unfair. It also meant the maximum penalty reduced from 15 years imprisonment to 2 years.

However, to our client’s relief there was no need to appeal. Through careful preparation of the case and convincing submissions in court, Zoe was able to persuade the Magistrate to dismiss the charges on the condition our client enter into a good behaviour bond under section 10.

This was an outstanding result given the seriousness of the charge.

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