Case Study: Charges Dismissed for Possession of Cocaine

Posted by janelle.tarabay on 24 April 2017

Justin Wong recently represented a 46 year old corporate adviser charged with possession of cocaine in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

The charge was his first criminal charge in New South Wales. Understandably, he was concerned how a conviction could affect his ability to travel for work, his professional reputation, and general how it would affect his future.

Following our advice, professional counselling was sought, and he attended various drug education seminars. We helped our client compile powerful personal references and other written material. .

The matter proceeded to sentence last week in the Local Court and Justin Wong made submissions on our client’s behalf. He asked the magistrate to dismiss the charge without conviction and without a good-behaviour bond. The Magistrate agreed and our clients charge was dismissed without conviction under Section 10(1)(a) of the Crimes Sentencing Procedure Act.

Approximately only 10% of all possession matters heard in the Local Court result in an outright dismissal under Section 10(1)(a).

Understandably, our client was extremely pleased and relieved.

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